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Welcome to the digital music shop , here you'll find links to several digital download shops.
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Trishula Records Catalogue
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Calogue nr. and title / digital shop link
Mubali - Shenanigans Trishcd016: Mubali - Shenanigans
Buy this @ Junodownload
Acid Transmisison Trishcd015: VA - Acid Transmission
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Psyfactor Trishcd014: Psyfactor : Aries Madness
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Trishcd013: Mind Distortion System - He Claims to be Not Human
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Trishcd012: Attoya - Based on true Events
Buy this @ Junodownload
Trishcd011: VA - Phoenix Rising
Buy this Juno
Olien-Sounded Paratronik Trishcd010: Olien - Sounded Paratronic
Buy this @ Junodownload

Trishcd009: VA - Sonic Seasoning
Buy this Junodownload
Trishcd008: VA - Mechanophobia
Trishcd007: Mubali - Cats @ Play
Trishcd006: Procs - Stuck in the oven with me
Trishcd005: VA - Crazy Goblins And Wicked Pixies
Buy this @ Junodownload
Trishcd004: Psyfactor - Evil Inside
Buy this @ Junodownload
Trishcd003: VA - Mushy Mystery
Buy this @ Junodownload
Trishcd002: Megalopsy - The Abstract Machine
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Trishcd001: VA - Ignis Fatuus
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