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Release TRISHCD001
V.A. - Ignis Fatuus
Cat-Nr. - TRISHCD001
Release date: 6-12-2004:
EAN code: 5017744100182
Mastered by Ralf Knobloch @ Braincell Studios
Artwork by Philip
Zebra-N - Slek (8:53)
Zebra-N - Slek
Megalopsy - Zactltopsitl (6:59)
Megalopsy - Zactltopsitl
Sungirl - Exiter (final version) (6:25)
Sungirl - Exiter (final version)
Vegetal - Manhunt (8:00)
Vegetal - Manhunt
Mussy Moody - Disconnected (8:47)
Mussy Moody - Disconnected
Dronebixie - Volentary Intoxications (7:06)
Dronebixie - Volentary Intoxications
Derango - Glo So (7:37)
Derango - Glo So
Psyfactor - Walkin Demon (7:39)
Psyfactor - Walkin Demon
PhasePhour - 321 Fly ... (8:04)
PhasePhour - 321 Fly ...
Ignis Fatuus - A wide variety of spectral lights, whose alleged purpose is either to herald death or to play tricks on travelers at night. "Ignis fatuus" literally means "the foolish fire“.

The first track on the CD is produced by Zebra-N from Holland with a vibrant, playful and mysterious lift of. Followed by Megalopsy, three newcomers from Argentina who will release their first album on Trishula Records soon. Their music is energetic, full of twisted brain melodies and rhythms. Sungirl from Russia is a young producer/DJ and already known by the former project "Natural Brain Killers" - don't be mislead by her name, this Lady makes serious nighttime music. Vegetal from the psychedelic capital "Orebro" in Sweden migrates the attitude from metal sounds and combines it with hard pumping psy music. Dronebixie from Denmark is next and builds up a strange kind of atmosphere with his unique sounds, playing with your mind and pushing the listener to a audioclimax. Song #7 is produced by Derango from Sweden, a name you've surely already heard with their innovative psychedelic sounds. Psyfactor from Russia is next, his music is known for fast, ass-kicking beats with a typical spooky undertone. The last track on Ignis Fatuus is done by Phasephour from Norway with a unique blend of psychedelic grooves which invites you to disappear into their music.

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