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Release TRISHCD009
Various - Sonic Seasoning
Cat-Nr. - TRISHCD009
Compiled by Chrysalid
Release date: 6 October 2006
EAN code: 4260089560123
Mastering by 4cn-studios
Artwork by Dreampaint
Sonic Seasoning
Attoya - The missed memory listen to mp3 sample
Mind Distortion System - Desert highway listen to mp3 sample
Ocelot - Sunyata listen to mp3 sample
Safidafi - Find the key listen to mp3 sample
Dark Elf - More more more listen to mp3 sample
Orestis - Unreal listen to mp3 sample
Jellyheadz - Down under listen to mp3 sample
Vicious alchemy - alien syndicate listen to mp3 sample
Melorix - Serial Giller listen to mp3 sample
Kraft - Remember yourself listen to mp3 sample
listen to 3 min. samples!

Sonic Seasoning is the new compilation from the Trishula Records nursery.
Compiled by label dj Chrysalid we are presented with 10 tracks from artists around the globe. Chrysalid is with the label from the beginning and has established herself in and outside France as a dj and producer.

These tracks have not been tested yet on the dancefloor because we want to give you totally fresh and new songs. Sonic Seasoning as a psychedelic surprise. Fat basslines accompanied by strong kicking drums and twisted synths, music for the nightly hours to freak you out.

Twisted and psychedelic music made with love by the artists and finished with a sauce of wickedness for your pleasure. Are we getting too crazy here? Well this is just as trippy and energetic as it gets. Trishula Records, nursing newborn psychedelic sounds!
Unfortunately in the final pressing tracks 3 and 4 are swapped. The above tracklisting is the right one but on the artwork it has the wrong trackorder. I guess you can hear the difference of the artists by listening to their music.


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