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Release TRISHCD003
Various Artists
Title: Mushy Mystery
Cat-Nr. - TRISHCD003
Release date: 7-03-2005
EAN code: 5017744100236
Artwork by Philip
Mastered by Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios




VA_Mushy Mystery
Intro by Megalopsy
Mubali - Shake Lasta Mubali - Shake Lasta
Dejan & Shenz - Heu2 Dejan & Shenz - Heu2
Dronebixie - Zo Moth Dronebixie - Zo Moth
Derango - Implosions (final) Derango - Implosions
Kemic-al - Xifajk (Little Devil) Kemic-al - Xifajk
Derango - Mushy Mystery Derango - Mushy
Savage Scream - Freak Show (Evilcore edit) Savage Scream
Psyfactor - Spawn Of Satan Psyfactor - Spawn
DarkPsy - Elastik Darkness (2nd version) DarkPsy - Elastik
Outro by Megalopsy Megalopsy - Outro
Our third release is coming with a storming compilation which is following the concept of our music direction: Strong psychedelic night time smashers of fresh talents from all over the planet.

Throngs of little green creatures, dangling on silky strings from oak trees, began showing up. Some of the area's finest mansions were instantly changed to haunted houses as the silvery webs emerged.

Megalopsy is opening with a chill-out intro preparing the ride. Mubali is a new talent from California and one to watch out this year. Dejan & Shenz from France follow with a wicked tune Heu2. Dronebixie and Derango from Sweden are back on this compilation with mind bending psychedelic songs. From Malta Kemic-al gives us more twisting beats. Savage Scream is Mizuki also known from Bugfunk and he takes the beat up to a maximum speed. From Russia with love dark and spooky sounds with a fat bass. Darkpsy from Portugal is a young producer and is closing the dance beats before Megalopsy takes us down with a chill-out track to get back to earth.

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