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Ignis FatuusThe Abstract MachineMushy MysteryEvil Inside

Crazy Goblins and Wicked PixiesStuck in the oven with meCats @ PlayMechanophobia
Sonic SeasoningSounded ParatronikPhoenix RisingBased on true events
He claims not to be humanAries MadnessAcis TransmissionShenanigans
Our sister label Ajana Records is focusing on ambient, chill out & more experimental music.

Trishula Records is an independent Dutch psytrance label, nursing new born psychedelic sounds.
Psychedelic electronic dance music ... from groovy to "serious" nighttime & cutting edge psytrance for the dancefloor

Until further notice Trishula Records is on a hiatus...

"The Trishul is a three-pronged weapon which symbolises the destruction of the ego with its three-fold desires of the body,
mind and intellect. Lord Shiva with his weapon indicates his victory over his ego and attainment of the state of perfection"
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