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Mind Distortion System - He Claims to be Not Human


(Release date: 30 November 2007)


Taken from Isratrance, written by sHiVaMoOon

1.Dead Swan – 150 bpm- The Cd starts of with an absolute ripper of a night track that’s synonymous with MDS. Very deep bassline, with a very heavy low end perfectly complemented by quirky sounds that actually sound like a swan being strangled lol. Strong track that shifts and turns like nobody’s business but finally comes together with a nice strong finish. I would have preffered slightly less low end in the track but this kind of sound isn’t meant to be enjoyed on studio monitors or home speakers but large festival rigs and party sound, so I’ll respect artistic licence there as the production is top notch. 7.5/10

2.Herbal Analysis – 150 – This one kicks off with a nice tight sharper kick than the last one and a much groovier sort of sound. As the track progresses it develops a harder edge and loses the grooviness from the beginning without being too noisy. This track would be perfect to end a night set with or to play pre dawn or sunrise. 8/10

3.Koshka – 150 – Starts off with a melodic riff, a perfect follow up to the last track as it has a few dawn elements to it, like early morning kind of sounds. Despite the morning sounds this song has a nice aggressive feel to it and the The track starts of mellow but picks up to a pretty high intensity as it progresses and is one of my favourites on the cd. 8/10

4.Find Out (feat Kazoo) 150 – Love this track, full power from start to finish! Killer kick and bass, very tight and with lots of interesting shifts and turns. The synths are perfectly programmed to the kick and bass and really ripping, love the work with the hats and the percussions as well, nice sample at the end also .This track is a guaranteed dancefloor bomb! 9/10

5.Cartoon Hunter – 152 – Opens with a nice sample, don’t like the beginning so much but as it progresses on it starts to develop a pretty nice feel to it. The bassline towards the end totally takes off and would make for crazy dancefloor energy. 7.5/10

6.Fucking Time – 152 – This track picks up the energy nicely again, its got a nice galloping kick and bass, killer hats and percussions and nice rowdy synth sounds again. Another dancefloor bomber. 8/10

7.Dancebu’e -152 – The music starts to take on a harder edge again with this track, which is just raw driving power meant for the night dance floor. Nice work with kick and bass and the production but I didn’t like some of the synths in this one, bit too noisy and repetitive. A solid track nevertheless, just not my style. 7/10

8.Mystical Druid Society – 152 - This one is an absolute gem for the night floor, its hard at times and groovy at times. You can actually hear some nice wicked goblin and druid sounds in the music, nice work with the effects and synths. 9/10

9.He claims not to be human – 154 – Really nice track, back to the powerful groove that nelson is famous for. Not as hard as the last two tracks but still with a strong bassline and a galloping groove that just runs right through the track, ends with a nice sample. 8/10

10.Gate of Desire – 155 – Nice track, well produced. I liked the beginning of the track up to the middle, didn’t like the end so much though, found it a bit repetitive. Still a good closing track for a night set or for the end of the cd. 7.5/10


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