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Artistname: Mind Distortion System (Nelson Jara Dos Santos)
Location: Belgium
Album: He Claims to be Not Human

After growing up in Brussels, in 1994 Nelson discovered psytrance when taken – as a surprise – to the first Boom festival (he hasn’t missed one since) in his native Portugal. Through Portuguese parties and extensive travel, Nelson was exposed to all types of trance, and in 1998, he began to DJ darker-style psychedelic music. Back in Belgium a few years later, he began producing as Mind Distortion System, but his limited computer background (and financial resources) meant that it took some time before he could achieve the technical quality he wanted.

In Belgium, Nelson continued to DJ and produce. In 2002, he co-founded Mystical Druids Society (party promotion) and still organizes parties whenever possible. Then, at the Freaky Dragons Festival in 2005, DJ Chrysalid (Trishula) and Karim a.k.a. Baba Jelly “discovered” Nelson when they heard his DJ set. He remains close friends with both and collaborates musically with Karim on a regular basis (so expect more from this duo!).

After joining Trishula in 2005, Nelson has spent the last 2 years tirelessly perfecting his sound and developing his debut album, while also playing around the globe at events ranging from Moondust in India to Psycrowdelica in Germany. Tracks from his soon-to-be-released album, “He Claims to be Not Human,” are already being played by a few (trusted!) DJs. Recent feedback from Goa: “The people are dancing like goblins!”

As the BPMs go up and controversy swirls around what “dark” psychedelic trance actually is, Nelson remains dedicated to producing psychedelic music to help night-time trancers find their way to a place beyond body and mind.

Download track Metamorphose
Mind Distortion System
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