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Our album reviews are written by various music lovers from around the globe. Trishula thanks all these wonderful people for taking the time to listen and review our releases. You will find the names of the reviewers on top of each review.
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Cat.nr. Title Cover image
CD015 Various - Acid Transmission Acid Transmission
CD014 Psyfactor - Aries Madness Aries Madness
CD013 Mind Distortion System - He Claims to be Not Human MDS
CD012 Attoya - Based on true Events
CD011 VA - Phoenix Rising
CD010 Olien - Sounded Paratronic
CD009 VA - Sonic Seasoning Sonic Seasoning
CD008 VA- Mechanophobia VA-Mechanophobia
CD007 Mubali - Cats @ Play Mubali-Cats @ Play
CD006 Procs - Stuck in the oven with me
CD005 VA - Wicked Goblins and Crazy Pixies
CD004 Psyfactor - Evil Inside
CD003 VA - Mushy Mystery
CD002 Megalopsy - The Abstract Machine
CD001 VA - Ignis Fatuus
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