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Psyfactor - Aries Madness

Aries Madness

(Release date: 18 April 2008


Taken from Isratrance, written by Ormion

Here we have a very nice atmospheric dark album that really stays away from the stereotypical dark sound of the last two years. All then tracks are powerful and energetic, but I would call this ‘’a gentle powerful album’’. There’s no random madness, or over-the-top heavy beats, instead the tracks build very nice with some scary gothic-ish pads and nice melodic lines floating over the kick and the bassline. The high filtered, chainsaw styled synths are here again, giving to the album a schizofrenic attitude. All tracks are top notch, but my favorite is Sectoid, a really scary fairytale reminds me a bit of the LOS-Otherside. Other great tracks are Scratches a dark track filled with eerie sounds and very haunted pads, Waves From The Crypt and Intoxicated. The production/mastering is AAA and don't be confused by the cover there's no satanistic samples inside Overall that’s a great album, one of the best dark psy of 2008. It’s highly recommended to anyone interested in dark psytrance with a melodic touch and some chilling moments.



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