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Attoya - Based on ture Events

(Release date: 12 October 2007)


Taken from Trancecritic, written by Sykonee

Sure enough, eerie sounds, disconcerting effects, and twisting synths creates the feeling that everything ain’t quite right in the woods tonight. Unfortunately, it’s rather aimless in the process, with Attoya producing tangents and moods for no reason other than they needed something to support the driving rhythms. Every so often, you get a lead that perhaps hints at a possible intriguing plot, but it soon dissolves into psy’s typical squiggly wibble; The System Of Multiple Language is a great example of this as the opening notes are delightfully paranoid, but are never touched upon again. About the only thing that keeps these tracks from descending into nonsensical noise are the basslines; they’ll leap off the rails of the standard dark-psy drone, creating unpredictable urgency in the process, but even then it isn’t done enough to maintain steady interest.

And then we move onto the second half of this album.

Heh, okay, I apologize for slightly leading you on there, but Based On True Events really does seem like an album of two halves. While there are moments to be had in the early going, that is all they are: moments. Even when the tracks are a bit more structured -as in Our Tasty Part for the best example- the end result is rather lacking, feeling like mere appetizers. That all changes after the mid-way mark.

Green Crop Matured is an apt title, as Attoya seem to have firmly grown into their sound from this track on. Yes, there are still some rambling moments, but not to the degree as before, and they are supplemented by musical ideas that build upon each other instead of compete for trip-out time. In fact, this tune is rather brilliant in execution, layering the intensity on in ever-increasing increments while maintaining a sense of flow from idea to idea.

Review by Lotus Blue for Revolve Magazine, Summer 2007

Alex and Leonid make up Attoya, musicians sice childhood and here with their debut album. The title track Based on true Events gives an idea of what's to follow, dirty growling sweeping soundscapes set against a familiar kick drum.
Plenty of distorted vocal samples, eerie effects and creepy soundsamples plays havoc with your neurons, as The Reflection Of Awry Mirrors unleashes more of the Attoya madness on an unsuspected listener. Our Tasty Part is ideal for dancing amongst the trees and Natural Vitamin deviates slightly from the previous offerings, sounding a bit more brutal and mysterious, but with plenty of trademark Attoya arrangements. More night-time forest melodies in Color Shades before the album ends with What I've Felt, a number replete with loony beats and a very familiar hook that I just can't place.
Attoya have created a unique sound for themselves here, and this album should suit lovers of forest party style psychedelic trance and is perfect for those hours when the sun doesn't shine.


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