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VA - Phoenix Rising

(Release date: 15 June 2007)


Taken from Trancecritic, written by Sykonee

IN BRIEF: Trishula, twisted as ever.

Well this is different. Oh, not so much the actual music on here, although I’ll get to that in a bit. No, I’m talking about the cover. I’m so used to dealing with Hindu themes or psychedelic themes or alien themes that seeing one delving into Egyptian mythology is a nice change of pace. Okay, so there are both psychedelic and Hinduism lurking in the background, but it’s that flaming bird grabbing your attention on the cover, so it dominates the theme.

This tends to be Trishula’s game though. A previous compilation touched on Judaism, so the label has no qualms with shying away from psy trance’s usual clichés. A unique sound has been bred in their roster, and has begun to stand out from the typically crowded arena of wibbly glut. And by skewing towards the darker side of the genre, they seem intent on exploring twisted soundscapes rather than offer easy accessibility.

(I suppose this is about where I normally give my “psy trance isn’t for everyone” disclaimer, but is it really necessary anymore? Yes, this is fringe music. That doesn’t make it any less worthwhile for those seeking a little diversity in electronic music though. Deal with it.)

I think it’s safe to say Trishula’s roster is in top form on this release. These aren’t some bunch of Israeli ravers who’ve just been inspired by Infected Mushroom or Astral Projection, knocking out redundant full-on trance overnight, never to be heard from again. Rather, there’s a meticulous method to these producers’ madness; a steely control over their tracks can be heard once you get past the noisy surface (although Mind Distortion System does every-so closely flirt with excessive squibble on his offering).

And this is why, despite the brisk BPMs, Phoenix Rising works better as head-music than the dancefloor. These tracks would rather play wonderful twisted things with your mind, although should you give a little ass-shake in the process doesn’t hurt.

A nice bit of variety is on offer here for a collection of tunes that remain in the narrow field of dark psy. Attoya’s and Darkpsy’s offerings are more obvious than the rest, with immediate hooks and sounds you don’t have to concentrate to discover. Less so is Galactic Cannibalism and Underworld, both of which make ample use of squiggly synths that sound akin to binary droid speak (maybe). They’re odd, yet kind of fun too.

Meanwhile, Dark Elf and Detonatik try to show us psy has rhythmic worthiness despite claims to the contrary. Routeroot comes close but stumbles from a lack of direction with sounds that are over-aggressive in delivery; like listening to a cyborb meatgrinder, to my ears. Hot Bird Satelite soars though, with a kick-ass driving beat that intensifies as the song moves forward and trippy effects that add to the tribal-tech-trance feel.

A little further along, this compilation enters what I can best describe as The Cybernetic Swamp Section, as Mind Your Gap and Olien’s Drophole sound exactly like that. The former contains an assortment of eerie sound effects as a murky atmosphere envelopes your senses but it’s Olien’s offering that’s the highlight. Whereas Mind Your Gap seemed to dwell on the critters, Drophole turns our attention to the lumbering beasts that move about. Strangely enough, there’s also a spaceport nearby too. Delightfully bizarre.

And finally, Phoenix Rising ends on a couple tracks borrowing elements of pop culture (I suppose Engine kind of did too with Riddick samples, but that saga’s still relatively obscure compared to Star Wars and Phantom Of The Opera). Normally, these sort of songs aren’t the best, often getting too caught up in playing “Hey, Recognize This Sample?” with the listener. In this case though, most of the samples used complement what the producers are doing, so Darkforces and Phantom Ki are fine closers.

And speaking of closers, that about wraps up this review. I guess it’s elementary from here, folks. Phoenix Rising is a solid compilation of psy. It executes with precision, doesn’t get bogged down in excess, and dabbles in enough variety to keep it fresh throughout. If none of this holds any appeal for you, chances are you haven’t even read this far anyway (and if you have, I haven’t the foggiest notion why).

Dark Elf - Hot Bird Satelite
Olien - Drophole


Wriiten by sHiVaMoOon, Isratrance forum

Release Note -
At the end of its life-cycle the phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arises…

"Phoenix Rising" is the new compilation compiled by Mouka and brings you another quality tracklist with some of the finest underground artists producing true psychedelic music. No compromise just pure psychedelic fun for the dance floor, a compilation with 10 tracks that are made for higher energy levels. The artists involved on the compilation are all in their own way masters of the psychedelia in psytrance music.
For this special edition Nemo has made the beautiful artwork for the compilation, a "Phoenix Rising".

1. The CD opens at 148 bpm with this gentle mental nocturnal track. Very nice steady driving groove, perfect for an opening track. Not too hard at all with some nice melancholic riffs that come in towards the end. A perfect track to open or close a set with. This track has an extremely spiritual message in its minimality.8/10

2. Next comes up two big boys, and the USA vs Russia faceoff reminds me a bit of Rocky 4 hehe The tempo drops down to 147 for this one, but the intensity goes up a notch from the last track. The bassline as it starts is tight and stompy with trippy nocturnal twists and foresty sounds accompanying it and going in and out sort of like an insect orchestra. Towards the middle of the track, theres a nice drum roll and off the track goes into the power mode. Bassline takes off and the insects get pretty high from what it sounds like Good solid tune, would work well in the early part of a night set.7/10

3. Now here comes one of my fav upcoming producers MDS, a 148 track that starts of with a great galloping bassline reminds me off a Spartan warrior launching into battle on his chariot. The bassline does wonders to this track and accentuates all other elements that are happening along with it making it feel completely in sync! Good track here with a nice hectic ending where all elements come together again for a nice solid finish. 8/10

4. Next comes up the talented young greek with also a 148 bpm track, this one takes you more into your mind than the dancefloor, very minimal but deep this track is as it starts. As it goes on further it starts building into a frenzy, very nice use of percussions and i like the way this guy funks things up in his own way with the bass and the kick. Good solid track here again. 7/10

5. Now the CD gets into the zone with a favorite producer of mine, rock solid basslines, vocal, and synths. Absolutely killer production and a powerful night track, this bomb i will drop in my sets for a long time to come. I dont believe this guy wants to make fullon music now, your a dark lord man c'mon! Great track with a very powerful finish! 8/10

6. Now with pride i listen to our local lad Jassi. Boy this guy is making some spanking music. Killer driving bassline, extremely well articulated synths, love the bass change and f..king around after 2:20. You just made my night track list with this one as well buddy. This track is one of the best on this cd and its great to see him put out such good work with such a stellar dark lineup. Keep killing it like this in the future bro, very intelligent dark music and great production. Proud Proud Proud!!! 9/10

7. The tempo goes down from 148 to 146 with this track, good solid production and nice basslines and synths but i really want more variety when it comes to these guys music. I have always loved this combination and still play a lot of their older tracks together but with this one it feels like the same theme being repeated, c'mon you guys got what it takes, now funk it up for us big time! 7/10

8. Back to 148 again with Mr olien and his freaky sound. A short, sinister track with oliens unique flavour. Good job but i liked a lot of the tracks on his album a lot more.

9. Now comes an extremely refreshing tune, i love chemical spoon. Really good bassline, steady and driving through the tune, with lots of funky synths, nice percussions and i love the vocal samples . This track is light on the body and mind without losing a lot of depth. Good track with some fun twists and turns, would love to play this at the end of a hard dark set just before sunrise! 8/10

10. Didnt like this track so much, i just think its not me or my style so thats probably why. But if you like bizarre dark sounds then this one is for you. 6/10

Nice artwork by Nemo

Overall a killer compilation from Trishula and DJ Mouka and definitely a must have for your case logic, so grab one now!!!

My ranking system
10/10 hard to achieve by anybody i have high standards!
9/10 Simply superb u touched my heart with this one
8/10 Most impressed
7/10 Good job and good quality work that deserves credit.
6/10 Good but could be better.


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