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Artistname: Procs (Mikeal Stegman)
Location: Sweden
Website: www.procs.se

Procs is Mikael Stegman from Stockholm, Sweden. He was born in 1979 and in his early years in school his first music teacher let him play the piano on the breaks. This soon led him into taking piano lessons and he started playing classical music. In the beginning of the 90s he got his first keybord and also a new soundcard which was delivered together with an old DOS based sequencer. He started trying to make all kinds of music with this sequencer, altough, no trance or techno. The only electronic music he heard so far was Jean Michel Jarre, which he was very inspired by in the beginning. When his older brother brought home some early TIP and Matsuri compilations around 95-96 Mikael got very fascinated by the goa sound and immediately started to work on some goa style tracks himself. After some time as he could afford more gear he could also start developing his own unique sound.

Today he has released an album on Trishula Records and several tracks on different compilations. He has also collaborated with a couple of artists and with one of his friends, captain ifan freakout, he had two releases with the project name Duck Off. He is working constantly on new music, both psy trance and also different ideas with many influences from breakcore and jazz.

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