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Artistname: Olien (Oliver Bach)
Location: Germany
Website: http://www.universambla.net/olien.htm
Myspace: myspace/olien

Born in the south of Germany, Freiburg in 1980.
His first contact with electronic music was with the Cybertribe where he went to techno parties at the time. From there on he went through several music styles from acid house to psytrance and als ambient music with the same spirit.
In 1995 he installed Cubase and Rebirth on a 4400Mac and bought his first MPC2000 and started producing his own style of music, later on he purchased a Korg Z1. Now he is producing his music with the use of a PowerMac and Logic7.
His first released tracks were on the Mechanophobia compilation, released in March 2006 and a chill out track on the "A Magical Journey 2" cd at Ajana Records.
His musical spectrum for producing ranges from Goatrance (more melodic) to psytrance (faster and more psychedelic) and chill out music. He uses many instruments in a track like weaving a tapestry out of different fades. You could call it multi layered music.

His debut album Sounded Paratronic is released at 30 March 2007.

Download more tracks from Olien, psytrance and goatrance music.

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