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Name: OIL (Stefan Andersson)

Location: Sweden
Myspace: OIL
OIL is Stefan Anderson from the deep fried forests of Ludvika, Sweden. Stefan likes to experiment and combine influences of different music styles in his production. Since 2007 his musical direction was turning more and more into a straight psycho-forest project with an open mind to all kinds of underground genres.

Its hard categorise his style. But, supposedly, u could call it psychedelic and funky, leaning against a dark mood.

He likes to juggle around with a thick range of elements of the track, over a wide spectrum of frequencies and panorama, in all 4 dimensions of sound. OIL will bash and wiggle on your third eye. 149 to 165 Times Per Minute. With a bassline that is mossy, sticky and dripping.

OIL is really fond of artists such as; Derango, Procs, Alex Adrenal-Matutero-Zik-Glands, Scorb, NRS, Naked Tourist, Ghreg On Earth, Penta, Lemurians, Electrypnose, Airi, Karash, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, just to name a few.

OIL feels happy to be part of the lively and often nutty swedish nightmusic scene where he feels very comfortable and which inspired him a lot. He digs sounds that makes you think of scratching, beat-juggling and other turntable-tricks. His own BPM ranges from 149-165. OIL had his debut release on Shiva Space Technology in the very end of 2006, and Sonic Tantra in 2007, and a lot is comming up 2008. Among others: Trishula Records, Hypnotica Records, Geomagnetic Records, Rudraksh Records and Anomalistic Records Stay Spooned!
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