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Name: Nagmanda (Jan Haas)
Location: Germany

Nagmanda is Jan Haas from Freiburg (a little town in the heart of the black forest). After trippin throu many music genres he discovered psytrance arround 2000. Also arround that time he got his first turntables and started to mix what he like. With friends together they organised partys where he had the chance to play for an crowd. Since then he is constantly booked for local partys in his area and from time to time at other partys in swiss, france and the netherlands. If you go to an party where he is playing you can be sure to hear cutting edge nightime psytrance from him.

Actually he started to produce his own creations and he is responsible for the fuzzy logic parties that will happen monthly this 2006 winter season arround freiburg. In real life he is on his way to become a graphic designer.


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