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Name: Mubali (Greg Farley)
Location: USA (Ca)
Website: www.myspace.com/mubalitrax
Mubali @ Youtube

New live/dj set from Sacred Earth Open Air, download here (326 mb)


Hour 1

Live jam
Line of rationality (unrl)
Space Cadet (unrl)
Funk in the Trunk (Shenanigans Album)
Assfaced (Shenanigans Album)
Wholey Hannah (unrl)
mubzoomonno (unfinished) [snippet of upcoming collaboration with Onkel Dunkel and Zoolog]
mubali vs system overload -SwanSong (Parvati - No Time no space)
Smile, We still can't see you (Shenanigans Album)
Stranded in Candyland (dharmaharmony recs upcoming release)
Narcolepsy (Shenanigans album)

Hour 2

Avon Calling (unrl)
Mubali and Lauryn - Beer Goggles (Shenanigans Album)
Arabali - Mars is Amazing (Trishula - Acid Transmissions)
Tripple Nipple (unrl)
All Hail Queen Spyder (unrl)
Arabali - Chuck U Farley (Dark Prisma upcoming release)
Artificial Freaks (Shenanigans Albums)
Carnival Law (Lycanthrop Recs upcoming release)
Fanatic (unrl)
Mubali meets Furious - Knights of Swing (USP recs - Frequency Transmissions)

Hour 3

Spanksgiving (Moon Koraji rec - Shadow Enuin)
Polyphonia vs Mubali - Life (5th Element recs - No mercy for the weak)
I reject your reality and substitute my own (Psycrowdelica recs - Psycrowdelica home edition)
F^&! Yeah (Shenanigans Album)
Mind Distortion System vs Mubali - Most Predatory Monster on Earth (Lycanthrop recs unrl)
Highko vs Mubali - Reaction (Noise Poison recs - Poison brothers on Noise)
Squeeismee - Shirtless Rampage (mubali rmx) (unrl)
Sinister Minister (Shenanigans Album)
Bestiary Bar Mitzvah (unrl)
Xenomorph - Cataclysmic Downfall (mubali rmx) (Avatar unrl)


Mubali is a psychedelic trance dj/producer living a couple hours outside San Francisco, California. He has been a dj for several years and his styles have varied during the course of the past few years... He mainly spins Psychedelic Trance and occasionally Drum & Bass/ Jungle. Within the past years, he has gotten into producing his own Psychedelic Trance.

He was a violist for 7 years in his adolescence and has been a fan of all types of music, instrumental and non... He is a big fan of all types of psychedelic music, as well as funk, jazz, rock, and heavy metal.... He has found that in electronic dance music, a lot of the structure is similar to classical music. He also has been researching a lot of classical music to use as structural inspiration for his own pieces...
He has released many tracks on various compilations at Trishula and other labels, his first album "Cats @ Play" came out in March 2006, a great album with 9 previous unreleased tracks.

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