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Artistname: Jellyheadz / Baba Jelly (Krim Gressier and Fabrice Berat)
Location: Belgium
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jellybaba
Website Baba Jelly: http://www.babajelly.com/
JELLYHEADZ is a french project psychedelic,based on paris.Composed by Krim and Fabio which work together since 1998.we study an extraterestrial technology based on human beings,which consists by the emission of sound and ultrasonic frequencies.recieved by the brain....then analyzed by the neurons and the grey matter: The psychedelic trance.The only way for our soul to escape from the terrestrial reality...
Their album came out in December 2006 on Tantrumm Records
Promotional text:

A Tale of These Times... Pollution Violence Technology is the long-overdue debut album by JellyHeadz, a project that represents the alchemy between the two alien brains embedded in Fabio and Karim - psychedelic collaborators since 1996.

Ingeniously structured, Pollution Violence Technology unfolds like a storybook, a legend interwoven with sonic frequencies that engage all of the senses. In signature JellyHeadz style, the entire album maintains a steady pace at 154 BPM, creating an epic tale resounding with psychedelic soundscapes. Each track is a unique chapter, inspiring a different mood and holding sway over the emotions with strong basslines and layers that open the eyes to a visual interpretation of the sound weaves.

Riding this tide of sound, vision and emotion, Tantrumm Records is pleased to present JellyHeadz:Pollution Violence Technology, an epic in nine parts….

1) For Life
2) FIB
3) Political Gang
4) Pollution Violence Technology
5) H5N1
6) Invisible Collonisation
7) Argonauts
8) Deconstructor
9) Cryminal

Embark on a musical voyage through time, space and thought as you dive inside the grand design of Pollution Violence Technology.

JellyheadzBaba Jelly
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