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Name: Detonatik (Jaspreet Dhami)
Location: India
DETONATIK is the brainchild of Jasi from Bombay ,India..

Quite young as he started going to the psy-gatherings which made a big impact on him ...immediately got attracted to the trance-dance experience and since then its been all abt music. His musical tast varied at an early age but then it only took a couple of visits to goa to change all that as he attended some of the most powerful psy-gatherings .....Goa Gil was the 1 who was the guiding force of all the cosmic energies in those years

Seeing dance as n medium of active meditation goin at a sonic speed , 'inner journey' not limited to our normal perceptions of space/time.

… Motive is simple----- Movement arises from the breathwork guided by the universal om; it is deepened through tribal trance music .Get ready for a journey on wide horizon of soundscapes .. atmospheres which are as intense and at the same time makes people reach out for more. Anything's possible in Trancedance. Everybody is definitely in their own special place. Each one goes to a deep place within themselves

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