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Name: Derango (Ola Eriksson and Jens Eriksson)
Location: Sweden
"A spiraling dance into the secret surroundings that surround us. A flux where change is the only constant! A full on of blissful noise, seeping in and out of the mystery-web of creation. Instilled by the pounding bass and beats, accompanied by a phantasmagory of psychodelicious sound, we bring movement to the forest."
Derango is the imaginative outcome from the two of us, Jens Eriksson and Ola Eriksson. (Although the surname suggests it, we are not family.) Originally from Örebro, Sweden, we now live in Malmö after deciding to move in early 2000. Having had several electronically-oriented projects in the past, it was during this year we started making psychedelic music together.
Both of us had been playing in various alternative rock band's inbetween 1995 and 1999. At this latter point our interest in electronic music had grown so strong it could no longer be held back. So by unleashing, and ultimately harnessing the seemingly stubborn forces synthesizers and samplers possess, we discovered new ways of expressing creativity and teamed up to piece together for you, as well as to our own bemusement, some weird psycho-acoustic audiovisualisations.
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