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Name: Darkpsy
Location: Portugal
The Analog Xperience is a French guy called Jonathan Molinari. He actually lives in Portugal near towncalled Almada. He has made his way into the world of Trance about 4 years ago when, after going to a few parties, he felt the will to mix himself some nice-going tracks.

Good things happened then and after just one year of Trance he started on music production with a project called DarkPsy. With DarkPsy's project some killer tracks came about. They were filled with dark kicks, hard basslines and some nice percussion games. This was only his first project and as so, it lacked quality. He decided to abandon it and start on a newer and stronger project he called The Analog Xperience.

The Analog Xperience came round as a product of more experience and is consisting of a style witch encloses strong kicks and groovy basslines, some nice killer leads and creepy effects. There are also some nice percussion games and some melodies that bring you to a psichotrip voyage. about the booking, he already played in nice events like: Sinergia Party (mini boom), Guiness record party, dance in douro festival ,and outher outdoor party's etc, actually he bought is nordlead and is new soundmonitors, just wait for the news.

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