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Name: Dark Elf (Dimitri Santas)
Location: Greece
Myspace: myspace.com/dark_elf_dimitri
Dimitri is half french half Greek, born in Paris, March 1982 and living in Athens since 1993. He discovered Goa-trance in '97 with some schoolmates, but only goes to some events and festivals. After buying some mixing tools in 2000, he starts dj-ing locally in private and free parties.
The interest for production comes in late 2001/02, when he decides to create his own music and learns how to. Experimenting also with many friends in other projects (Septagram with Brain Core, or Double Trouble with Apnea) and different styles of music (electro & dub, reggae), he focuses on his solo project "Dark Elf", which is more focused on a total dark atmospheric psy–trip, and part of this "greek psychedelic wave" expanding worldwide. Dimitri is also behind the KGB crew which has done small & huge free psy parties in the Greek capital...
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